NEHL relies heavily on the fundraising activities of its many supporters to be able to continue its work. It is often the case that what starts out being a fundraising activity can often become a memorable occasion, and supporters will let us know of their activities - a few lines about what happened and (hopefully) a few photographs or videos.


On other, perhaps more formal, occasions something happens which profoundly changes the lives of one of more of the persons involved. Perhaps someone wants to tell the world their story.


Whatever the circumstance, you may find a record of the event in the gallery. More recent entries are posted first, so if you are searching for an event from a few years ago, check further down the list.


To view a gallery, click the picture at the left of each entry in the list.



Each year a sponsored walk is held between two of the churches that support the work of NEHL Trust. The walk is sponsored to raise money for the continuing work of NEHL.


This year, the walk was between Silksworth IM Church and Ryhope IM Church, and took place on 20th June.


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NEHL Calendar 2011


All of the photographs taken for the NEHL 2011 Calendar

Newcastle Kitchen, 28th August 2011


Photographs taken on the evening of the 28th August 2011, at the Newcastle kitchen.