In order to become a member of North East Help Link, you will need to complete an Application Form (downloadable in Adobe Acrobat format) and submit the appropriate membership fee. The fee is payable only by cheque - we cannot accept online payments for membership.  Please remember, that in signing the form and requesting your membership, you are agreeing to abide the Terms and Conditions of Membership.


Terms and Conditions of Membership



1. There shall be the following categories of membership :

  • Individual
  • Family
  • Organisation (including Churches)


2. All members shall pay an annual membership fee, for the year 2009, of :


  • Individual - £10.00
  • Family - £15.00
  • Organisation - £25.00


3. The membership year shall be from 1st January to 31st December. There shall be no reduction in the membership fee for members joining part way through the year.


4. All members shall sign an annual membership declaration confirming that they will abide by the rules of membership.


5. Members shall be entitled to the following :


i. Attendance and the right to vote at the Annual Meeting of the Charity

  • Individual - One representative
  • Family - Two representatives
  • Organisation - Two Representatives


ii. A copy of the Annual Review and upon request a copy of the Annual Accounts of the Charity.

iii. Copies of the newsletters of the Charity.